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Previous Opportunities

The Interdisciplinary Ethnography Workshop: Blurring the Boundaries of Practice

A yearlong series organized by students in the Religion, Sociology, and Anthropology departments to spark interdisciplinary conversation about ethnography and to demonstrate the diversity of the field by considering how ethnographic research can be paired with archival and historical work, performance studies, gender studies, religious studies, and media studies, among others. The series will include both faculty presentations, master classes, and graduate student works in progress. For more information, please contact co-organizers Joanne Golann ([email protected]) or Alyssa Maldonado ([email protected]).


School of Public and International Affairs Certificates in Urban Policy (UP) / Urban Policy and Planning (UPP)

Monday, September 22 at 4:30 pm in Chancellor Green 105 and feature a discussion on "Thinking Hemispherically about Cities," featuring Stan Allen (Architecture), Fabrizio Gallanti (Princeton-Mellon Senior Fellow), and Alison Isenberg (History).


The Princeton Mellon Form for Research on the Urban Environment
Fall 2014: American Places

Summer Seminar Call for Applicants: History, Memory, and the Urban Future Shanghai, China July 24-31, 2104
Princeton University students are invited to apply to participate in a Princeton-sponsored summer seminar entitled History, Memory and the Urban Future to be held in Shanghai, China, July 24-31, 2014. In collaboration with a group of Chinese scholars exploring Public History and Urban Memory, we will consider how history is made manifest in urban spaces. In tandem with classroom seminars, most of our investigations will take place at historic sites, museums, archives and neighborhoods in China’s largest city. Click here for further details.


S2013 Urban Studies Dissertation Workshop