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F2014 Urban Studies Research Methods Workshop handouts and contacts:

The City’s Built Environment
Visual Evidence: Hannah Bennett, Architecture Librarian, Architecture Library
Internal City Structure: Stephen Redding, Professor in Economics, Economics Department and Woodrow Wilson School
Urban Infrastructure and Environment: Ted Segal and Colby Fisher, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Normative Approaches to Urban Planning and Architecture: the Contribution of Political Theory: Jan-Werner Müeller, Department of Politics

Urban Institutions and their Records
Princeton University Archives and Public Policy Papers: Dan Linke, Mudd Manuscript Library
Historical City Newspapers, Databases & Primary Sources: Elizabeth Bennett, Firestone Library
Political and Economic Data: Bobray Bordelon, Firestone Library
Demographic Resources: Elana Broch, Stokes Library

Inhabiting the City
Culture: Eric Avila, Department of History, UCLA through Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities
Ethnography:  Rachael Ferguson, Department of Sociology
Quantitative Data and Statistics: Jonathan Tannen, Woodrow Wilson School and Office of Population Research
Towards a Theoretically Informed Ethnography: Patricia Fernández-Kelly, Department of Sociology


Please feel free to contact any of our expert library staff and faculty presenters above for guidance.

The Urban Studies Research Methods Workshop will be offered each Fall semester after Fall break to all Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students to assist them in their research.

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